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Product Designer, Artist, & Creative Technologist

Design & Technology

Blockchain Sculpture

This digital sculpture is to raise awareness among artists and designers about the profound impact of emerging technologies like blockchain, while emphasizing the enduring power of design within technological processes. The focus has been to delve into the essence of data as a major cultural form and understand its materiality. What sets blockchain apart from traditional databases is its unique approach to storing and organizing data. I seek to navigate the intricate relationship between blockchain technology, the right to freedom of expression, and the need to ensure that power remains in the hands of the people.

Digital Sculpture


Major Studio 1


Artistic Freedom - Freedom to imagine, create and distribute diverse cultural expressions.

The project began with an investigation into how emergent technologies (blockchain, algorithms, etc.) intersect with artistic freedom, cultural expression, and power dynamics.

  • Theoretical Foundation: "Weapons of Math Destruction" and Manovich's ideas on the database as a cultural form shape the critical perspective and project goals.

  • "The database is the major cultural form of the twenty-first century, in much
    the same way as the novel was for the nineteenth and film for the twentieth."
    - Manovich

Freedom, Technology, and Power

Each prototype is a tool for understanding the positive and negative possibilities of specific technologies:

  • Blockchain Tokenization: Experimenting with fractional ownership models for art.

  • Data Visualization: Using GAN-generated imagery to critique the labeling and storage of emotions within potentially biased datasets. The GAN-generated image series comments on the labeling and potential misuse of emotional data.

Prototyping for Exploration & Critique

It differs from a typical database in the way it stores information; blockchains store data in blocks that are then chained together.

Blockchain is a Specific Type of Database
  • Awareness as Aim: The sculpture aims to spark critical dialogue amongst artists/designers about blockchain's implications, not just its technical workings.

  • Data Materiality: The sculpture likely manifests the conceptual, rather than literal, form of blockchain. Visuals might focus on how data is collected, categorized, and potentially weaponized.

  • The Design/Tech Nexus: The project emphasizes design's role in shaping how these technologies are used, for good or ill.

The Blockchain Sculpture: A Conceptual Focus

If in the past, the political power of governments or the power of industrial capital was a force influencing artistic works, today, a new power has been shifted from bureaucratic roles to more technical roles.

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