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Product Designer, Artist, & Creative Technologist

Product Design


The 'Exert' platform is designed for passionate sports enthusiasts to connect, exchange skills, and discover the thrill of collaborative learning. 'Exert' empowers individuals to engage, share, and enhance their sporting skills beyond monetary transactions. 

Mobile Platform


Start up Business



Ishraq Ashtarian, Ashkan Alimehr, Reza Mostafavi, Lalit Bagga

Sports enthusiasts struggle to find consistent practice partners at their skill level, and traditional coaching can be expensive or lack a collaborative feel.

Problem Identification and User Research

Name: Alex, the Tennis Enthusiast


  • Age: 28

  • Location: Suburban area with decent tennis court access

  • Occupation: Software Engineer


  • Played tennis competitively in high school, but hasn't played regularly since college.

  • Misses the camaraderie and challenge of tennis but knows he needs to improve his overall fitness to regain his old form.

  • Dislikes traditional gyms, finds them intimidating and unmotivating.


  • Find a workout partner to help improve strength, cardio, and agility for tennis.

  • Get back into playing tennis regularly and potentially join a casual league.

  • Ideally, find a partner to both workout with and play tennis against for combined practice.


  • Going to the gym alone is boring and lacks accountability.

  • Paid personal trainers are too expensive for his budget.

  • Online workout videos feel impersonal and don't address his tennis-specific fitness needs.


  • Proficient with smartphone apps and social media

  • Values online communities but prefers in-person interaction.

Potential Exert Profile Highlights:

  • Tennis skill level: Intermediate

  • Workout interests: Strength training, cardio, agility drills

  • Availability: Weekday evenings and weekends

  • Open to both:

    • Pure workout exchange: Someone teaches him workout routines in exchange for tennis lessons.

    • Combined partner: Someone willing to do workout sessions AND tennis practice.

Motivations for Using Exert:

  • Cost-effective way to get personalized fitness help

  • Skill-exchange aspect feels more engaging than just paying for a service

  • Hopes to find someone with a similar laid-back attitude towards sports

  • Potential to build a friendship beyond the skill exchange

User Persona &  User Journey
  • Defining Objectives
    Outline the Purpose, Target Audience, Unique Value Proposition

  • Research and Analysis
    User Personas, Market Research, Analyze Competitors

  • Wireframing and Prototyping
    Wireframes and Basic Prototypes, Tools Like Figma and Adobe Illustrator

  • Test
    Usability Test, Next Steps

Design Process
Wireframing and Prototyping
  • Sign Up

  • Sports Selection

  • Main Features


Gymmate connects you with people at your local gym, creates community, and helps find workout buddies in real-time.


MatchUp facilitates skill exchanges, specifically focused on pairing users with complementary sports or fitness interests.


Profiles showcase your sports interests, skill levels, availability, and provide a space to highlight your fitness personality.

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