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In this short film, the use of color serves as a storytelling device. With four main colors—blue, red, yellow, and green—each hue represents a specific aspect of the main character's life. As the protagonist paints and splashes these colors onto the canvas, the film transitions to different moments from his life. The act of painting becomes a visual metaphor for the character's self-expression and introspection. Through the juxtaposition of vibrant colors and corresponding scenes, the audience gains insights into the character's journey, emotions, and memories. As the film nears its conclusion, the main character carefully places his painting among a collection of other artworks on the wall. This final scene symbolizes the culmination of his life experiences and stories, visually representing the rich tapestry of his existence. The collection of paintings acts as a visual narrative of his life, reflecting the diverse range of emotions, memories, and milestones he has encountered.



Parsons School of Design

Creative Filmmaking


Kasra Ebrahimi

the idea of assigning specific colors to key aspects of the protagonists' life, inspired by films like "La La Land" that use color to evoke strong moods. The act of the character painting becomes a central visual device, symbolizing his expression of these inner experiences.

Concept & Inspiration

The choice of blue, red, yellow, and green likely came with consideration of their traditional emotional associations (sadness, passion, joy, tranquility, etc.). Created a chart assigning specific memories, emotions, or even other characters to each color.

The Color Scheme





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