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Product Designer, Artist, & Creative Technologist

Reclaiming Artistic Freedom in the Digital Age

Artistic Manifesto

The digital revolution has democratized the public sphere, but this surge of mass participation has a dark side. Social media empowers a new force capable of stifling artistic expression. The tyranny of likes, trends, and viral outrage can drive artists and designers towards self-censorship and crowd-pleasing conformity. This "bottom-up dictatorship" of low-culture undermines creativity and intellectual exploration.

We hold these truths:

  • Design must resist the soft power of anti-intellectual mass opinion.

  • Artists and designers must reject technologies that compromise their autonomy and force them to dilute their visions.

  • We must protect the contemplative space that allows artistic self-flourishing and independence.

Therefore, we call upon the artistic community to:

  • Recognize the dangers of social media's influence and the erosion of artistic agency.

  • Empower one another to uphold our right to freedom of expression.

  • Champion the power of design within technology to guide ethical development and protect the creators themselves.

This is not simply about our individual craft; it is a fight for the soul of culture itself.

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