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Fashion & Technology


Q-Uniform project embarks on an exploration of quantum concepts and aims to establish metaphorical connections with the realm of fashion. During the Quantum Jam Workshop at The New School, our team delved into the implications of quantum computing on the post-humanist aesthetic and the future of fashion. Through an interdisciplinary approach, we explored the potential transformative impact of quantum computing on the very essence of fashion. By envisioning a quantum uniform, we seek to push the boundaries of traditional fashion paradigms, envisioning a future where quantum principles and technologies influence the creation, design, and functionality of garments.

The New School


Ishraq Ashtarian, Firas Zedan, Rama Deshpande, Mang Kipgen

Quantum Jam Workshop



  • Challenge: Demystifying the abstract nature of quantum computing for a non-technical audience and exploring its potential within the fashion realm.

  • Interdisciplinary Approach: Collaborative workshops with diverse peers (fashion, media, technology), fostering shared understanding and creative brainstorming.

  • Metaphorical Thinking: Using familiar concepts from fashion design to explain quantum principles, bridging knowledge gaps.

Quantum Exploration & Concept Ideation
  • Concept: The "Q-Uniform" becomes a symbol for the transformative power of quantum computing on fashion, pushing beyond the traditional and exploring a post-humanist aesthetic.

  • Security Focus: Emphasis on quantum cryptography, envisioning how it could revolutionize data security and personalization in fashion.

Quantum Uniform: Technology Meets Fashion
  • Data to Design: Utilizing facial recognition, biometric data is encrypted with quantum software (Qiskit), highlighting the potential for unique identification.

  • Encrypted Aesthetics: Entangled particles inspire pattern generation, visually translating secure data into unique textile designs.

  • Tangible Exploration: Though a full QKD system wasn't accessible, the project envisioned how these patterns could become one-of-a-kind garments representing the wearer's 'digital key.'

Prototyping & Visualizing the Invisible
Reflection & Future Visions
  • Collaborative Power: Acknowledging the value of interdisciplinary work in understanding complex technologies and shaping their potential applications.

  • Artist's Role: Recognizing the importance of artists and designers engaging with emergent technologies to raise awareness and spark critical dialogue.

  • Next Steps: The project concludes with the vision of an evolving relationship between technology and identity, where secure individual data becomes a defining factor in fashion personalization.

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