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Theater/Performing Art


In this theatrical endeavour, the renowned play "Rhinoceros" by Eugene Ionesco was brought to life in one of Tehran's prestigious venues. This postmodern adaptation of the play presented a captivating narrative set in a city where individuals gradually transform into rhinoceroses. Months of dedicated rehearsals culminated in a production that showcased the immense talent and creativity of the actors. Each performer embraced a unique and grotesque form of performance, adding depth and intensity to their portrayal of the characters. This diversity of interpretations brought a dynamic and multi-dimensional quality to the production, captivating the audience and emphasizing the absurdity of the story.

Iranshahr, Tehran




The play's themes - conformity, loss of humanity, and the rise of mob mentality.

Moving away from a literal staging, Nasir Malekijou, the director aimed to highlight the play's enduring absurdity in a contemporary setting.

The Play

Embracing grotesque physicality, the actors embodied the disturbing transformation from human to beast.

The focus on 'grotesque' movement suggested less emphasis on realistic rhino costumes, and more on how the actors contort their bodies to convey the change. Allowing actors to find their own way into their character's transformation adds another layer of unsettling strangeness to the production.

Rehearsal: Embodying Transformation
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