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Product Designer, Artist, & Creative Technologist

Architectural Design

Tehran Performing Arts Center

In Iran, the historical records reveal a decline in the appreciation of art compared to the past. Notably, there is a shortage of adequate theater and performance venues to accommodate the diverse intersections of art. Additionally, the general understanding and knowledge of performing arts and performances lack sophistication and distinction. Many individuals perceive performance as synonymous with theater, failing to recognize the nuances between the two. The primary objective of this project is to create a platform for public performances and enhance public engagement in the arts. This project encompasses the construction of amphitheaters, temporary galleries, and dedicated administration and services areas.

Thesis Project 


Tehran University of Art


  • Lack of Arts Infrastructure: Your thesis begins by recognizing the limited venues for performing arts in Tehran, and the need to create spaces catering specifically to this discipline.

  • Public Engagement: A secondary goal is to expand the general public's understanding of performance art, making it more accessible and less elitist in perception.

Problem Identification & Context
  • Deconstructivism & Fluidity: Works like the "Walt Disney Concert Hall" showcase Gehry's signature use of sculpted forms, metallic finishes, and a sense of visual movement.

  • Attention-Grabbing Architecture: Gehry's buildings are landmarks. This project aims not only to be functional, but become a symbol of art's revitalization in Tehran.

  • "The Broad" as Precedent: This museum's porous facade and focus on natural light integration could have informed your choices regarding public access and creating inviting gallery spaces.

Design Inspiration: Gehry's Influence
  • AutoCAD Foundations: Precise technical drawings for the building's floorplan and fundamental structure.

  • Rhino for 3D Exploration: Rhino's ability to create complex curved surfaces aligns with the visually dynamic style your inspiration sources suggest.

  • Lumion Rendering: Bringing the design to life with realistic textures, lighting, and environmental effects is key for project presentations.

Design Process
Spaces - Design Considerations
  • Beyond Theaters: The inclusion of amphitheaters suggests an interest in both indoor and outdoor performance spaces, increasing accessibility.

  • Gallery Integration: Making space for visual arts aligns with my goal to expose the public to diverse art forms under one roof.

  • Administrative Needs: The design balance the artistic spaces with practical support areas for the center to function smoothly.

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